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Types of Students

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Types of students

Do you want to have competent employees, fluent in an international language? Do you need good linguistic competencies at a new workplace or a graduation diploma of a foreign language course?
BABEL TRAD CENTER offers this possibility to improve the level of linguistic competencies of the employees.

The courses are for beginners, but also for those who have a good level of language,
The group courses are held at our center or at the company`s headquarters, depending on the employees` schedule.
Our center can also provide the companies with interviews in English/ German in order to hire new employees or in order to check the linguistic competencies of the existing employees.

Do you want to have a diploma that replaces the baccalaureate exam or to continue your studies abroad?
You can choose between the following:
✓ preparation courses for the exams recognized internationally;
✓ exam simulations;
✓ obtaining a diploma recognized at the baccalaureate exam and the college admission;
✓ preparation for the baccalaureate exam.

Medical employees:
Do you need a language certificate level B2 or a preparation course?
✓ preparation course for German language level B2;
✓ the possibility of taking an exam recognized abroad;
✓ medical German course.
Before the beginning of the course, an initial evaluation of the student is being made, after which, a course schedule is established.