Types of Courses


Types of Students

Duration of the Course

Teaching Methods


Teaching methods

The beginners will learn to communicate orally and in written using simple basic phrases. The participants will also acquire the ability to understand simple discussions and participate actively to debates/discussions, using a basic vocabulary.
✓ reading simple texts, answering simple questions;
✓ written reactions as answer to listened texts;
✓ usual conversations: transport, shopping, family, etc.;
✓ accuracy in using the verbal tenses.


The learning aid and/or additional information shall be selected by the teacher after the placement test and, in case of companies, after having discussed with the manager.
The aim of the courses for advanced levels is to develop the existent knowledge and accumulate new vocabulary. Oral communication shall be emphasized by means of interviews, business negotiation simulations and discussions.


The objectives are: advancement to a superior language level as far as fluency, coherence and accuracy go and knowledge acquirement is made by means of different learning methods.

✓ interactive group, pair or individual activities;
✓ dialogues, interviews simulations, games;
✓ role play, multiple choice items, composition, functional writing;
✓ conversation, verbal tenses table fill in;
✓ conditional phrases type 1,2,3. Subjunctive;
✓ adequate vocabulary and grammar schemes to express speculations;
✓ language functions in order to express criticism and disapproval.


During the course, the development of all abilities shall be aimed (speaking, reading, listening, writing) and at the end of the course, a final evaluation shall be made in order to describe each participant`s progress.