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ECL Examinations

✓ the candidates may choose between two types of examinations:  oral expression and listening or writing and text comprehension.
✓ the candidates who do not succeed a certain type of examination, have the possibility to try again only for that particular competence;
✓ in order to succeed each type of examination, the candidates must achieve 40% at the competencies examination and 60% at the complex examination
✓ you can find more information regarding the examination registration on the ECL website www.ecl.org.ro or at our office;
✓ the examinations are for any level (A2,B1,B2,C1)


IELTS Examinations

Have two levels:
✓ general module for working abroad
✓ academic module necessary for university studies abroad

The examination includes four tests:
✓ Written text comprehension
✓ Hearing comprehension
✓ Creative writing
✓ Oral examination
✓ The evaluation scale has 9 marks, from 0 to 9, where, mark 5 indicates a modest user and mark 9 indicates the expert user.
✓ The majority of universities require a minimum of 6.5 for admission.
✓ The general module includes the same tests as the academic module at a lower level and a serious evaluation.
✓ All examinations are accepted and recognized and can replace the baccalaureate oral examination.
✓ The examinations are recognized internationally and are included in the ALTE examination system.
✓ Simulations and preparation courses can be organized for all these examinations.